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Mr. Squirrel has a contract with USA Aloft to reflect on his and the world's condition on a daily basis.  His contract specifically precludes his use of nasty topics, images or words. He is required to pass periodic, but random drug tests  Even so, some may find his content off-putting, obtuse or (heaven forbid) funny. If he gets any reaction at all, it means he has readers, and that keeps him in spruce-beer, so he will be happy.

Eventually, Mr. Squirrel hopes to entice several of his animal friends to join his effort to put the world straight.  If he is ever successful,  this page will expand to point to various "Critters".

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Mail for Mr. Squirrel

Mr. Squirrel got mail from  NJ:

Hey, Mr. Squirrel! 

Love your strip.

What's your name? I think it should be SAM the HAM!

- Pushups


Well, we spoke with Mr., Squirrel and we can now report that his name is "Red."  Kind of a good conservative name for a New England native. He might have a gun rack in his nest. He is popping at the seams to speak on several things, but his agent just won't allow it. His contract  makes it very clear that some types of humor, along with failing periodic random drug tests, are cause for dismissal. So for now at least, the censors are winning.  Stay tuned.

Red lives and plays on top of a granite domed mountain in NH. (His contract won't allow us to say which one.) When he is not working on his next appearance, he enjoys jogging, watching the many hikers and begging for handouts.

You can send mail to Red, but he's not very good at responding. Just send to MrSquirrel at this website.

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